There is no doubt that our narratives across all media have become more visual. The power of visual storytelling is evident. But what does it do? It informs, it stirs imagination, it makes people think about the world around them, seeing things in a different perspective, it awakens the emotion, it invites action and it equips and inspires us. At least when the possibilities of visual storytelling are used in a creative and original way. It might enrich our world in tiny ways that we may never fully understand.

“Information is cheap, meaning is expensive.”

In our studio we work with the conviction – story first, visualisation second. This is exactly because we believe that the story in itself should have the potential to stir imagination, invite action, inspire the soul and awaken emotion. Our approach is to have many questions and an open attitude and to approach each commission case by case, trying to find the answer that best fit’s the clients brief while also trying to avoid repeating ideas. And this is the reason why our stories manifest themselves in many different visual forms.

Please check out our visual work in our portfolio random or categorized by form an style.