We like to look upon storytelling as more than just a narrative tool to frame the social good of an organization. Our purpose is to ultimately use storytelling as the means to connect audience to mission.

Your story isn’t about you and the positive change your creating through your organization; it’s about motivating and empowering your audience. It’s your job “to provide hope to heal a broken world.” That’s what we mean by connecting audience to mission. Instead of creating stories about you for your potential customer, you tell stories about your added value that create ambassadors; an audience that wants you to succeed in your mission, talks about you because of the inspiration you bring to them.

“To give means to communicate in the best way possible.”

We have an own and unique view on communications strategies that we would like to reveal to you in a dynamic meeting. A corner of the veil: the perceiver of your story can be almost anybody in this world. This requires a widespread awareness of cultures, religions and lifestyles. Therefore we work and co-create with International CSR Communications Expert Elise Vonk. She’s lived and worked in both Europe and Developing Countries. We share the talent to make real contact with people everywhere and identify their story in no time. Our mission is to share as much global stories as possible with positive impact on people, planet and profit.

And because more and more people operate in a global way, we connect Global Storytelling to Sustainable Storytelling if this is of value and fitting within your communication demand.