Strategic storytelling in our perspective means using simple and inspiring stories to allow people or companies to tell someone why they are doing what they are doing. We were used to a world in which stories where linear and moved one way only, from speaker to receiver, but the world is fundamentally changed. We believe in stories that give room to people to decide for them, not to push the message but to pull the perceiver to the story because he wishes to.

“People think in stories, not statistics.”

This is why we always try to connect to the purpose of each company or person we work with. Shallow stories that have no base are not worth telling. Stories that in the essence connect with a purpose are stories people understand, remember and retell. Sometimes the telling will be long, sometimes it will be short, or it will focus on one part of the business, or on an internal story, or an external one… stories have a tremendous capacity for adaptation.

We use a very specific storytelling method to bring stories within companies or individuals to the surface. A method we developed and is based on filmmaking principles and interview skills we learned and improved. It is a natural curiosity we have towards life that allows us to dig up stories that were long forgotten or until now seemed unimportant.

Our approach involves workshop sessions, interviewing, editorship, filmmaking, content editing, creating presentations and technical coordination. If you are interested in learning more about this type of storytelling, please contact us.