The aim of Global Storytelling is to tell stories for the world, with the world and around the world. We see that many individuals and many companies are operating globally, but that they don’t tell their stories with help of the world. We want to inspire them with a new global language. By realizing this aim we contribute to globalization and more worldwide understanding between people, organizations, cultures and countries.

We use the technique of Global Storytelling for organizations we work for. This often leads to shortfilms in which we work with storytellers and filmmakers in different countries to contribute to the story, our client and the storyteller.

“We believe that Global Storytelling is Sustainable Storytelling.”

The technique of Global Storytelling was inspired by the project ‘About Freedom’ in which we worked together collectively and 15 stories about freedom made by local filmmakers in 12 different countries were the result. This series of films is called The Kitchen Table Series and is accessible via Vimeo

One of these storytellers is Nawaal Deane from Capetown, South Africa. Check her film About Freedom here.

In 2016 we created a collective of storytellers called The Global Storytellers

Our goal is to celebrate and reinvigorate the art of storytelling. It is an idea for freedom of access and participation, where storytellers around the world can come together to share this passion and spread this intimacy. With The Global Storytellers platform and it’s connected global storytellers, we want to gather together a global community of storytellers who will use modern technology, but with a desire to intimately connect to another human through sharing their lives, their histories or their truths with the world. Sharing in vulnerability, breaking down perceptions, and by letting go of response and, more importantly, judgment. Together we will bring about a positive disruption in the way we ‘connect’, and our perception of the other.

"Stories can re-imagine the way we live, challenge stereotypes,  pass down wisdom, inspire life and upset the roots of inequality."

The movement is specifically and unequivocally committed to telling own stories that spread light, hope, freedom and love, stories that touch the human in us. The Global Storytellers is a platform that feeds initiatives that have a storytelling heart and strives to make the global, local; initiatives like The Global Story of Water and Cup of Stories.

The key aim of our stories created with global storytelling as well as the platform, is to use stories – like we did in ancient times – to bring our human experiences alive – and to connect through the narratives. The simple approach of:

“When you know my story – you know me.”

Please check for more details on who we are and what we do.