Lectureship One of a kind

Over a period of three years our camera’s were the ‘research eyes’ in the lectureship ‘One of a kind’ by Jiří Kylián and Michael Schumacher at Codarts University for the Arts. The research project had six topics: Dance & Age, Dance & Voice, Dance & Music, Dance & Film, Dance & Costume, Dance & Stagedesign. For every topic we made a short film that was used for online purposes as well as research purposes.

“We can not learn experience. We have to live it. And we should live intensely so we have something to remember when we grow old.”

Making these films enriched us in a way that we still can not express. The creativity, the humor, the immense wisdom of the people involved make us thankful today and in the future we are sure. There are people that have such a talent and such a clear mind and take on life and human expression that we were just blown away by the experience.

This was an experience of a lifetime for us. Working with these gifted choreographers and seeing the inspirational way in which they create and work with students has just been a present we still are unwrapping.