Everything is Information (Alles is Informatie)

For the SOD Foundation we created this film about the information society and the changes we all go through since the birth of the internet and the digital scope and source information has at this moment. We investigated the institutions that deal with a great change in document management since 10 to 15 years and we spoke to the people who deal with these changes. We decided that it would be interesting to change perspectives from the zoomed out view of Martijn Aslander, Paul Iske and Luciano Floridi and the detailed scope of people working at The Dutch Bank (De Nederlandse Bank) and the Municipalities.

“An apple is food. But an apple is not food for a tiger. Information is very human but you need someone out there to consume that information for it to become human.”

We are working on a new story on information and privacy and the change of power that the world is facing as we speak, that hopefully will be published in 2017.