Codarts 50 jaar DansHAVO

The Codarts Dance Department celebrated it’s 50th birthday in 2016. They created a performance of 1,5 hours that circled around the topic of the awakening of talent and personal growth towards real craftsmanship and ultimate succes. For this performance we created 5 short films. We had a great time when these creatures came alive, metaphorical setting the mood for the steps a boy has to take to come to succes and the questions he has towards life, development, growth and getting where he always wanted to go…

“Yes, Oh Yes…What a beautiful question… Yes this is an amazing question…

The proces of creation was short and so much fun. Arlon Nuijten working at Codarts University of the Arts, is an amazing theatre director with great eye for detail and the overal story. We are looking into the idea of creating a creative documentary on the topic of humans in the resilient city of the future. What will they look like? What are they doing?

“A diamond… Yes, I do think it is a beautiful question.”

In this case we created 5 short films that inspired the performance in an implicit way. The road that the student takes towards succes and the personalities he encounters along the way, the philosophical questions he has towards succes, all were inspiration for the video shorts and the creatures we encounter on video and on stage.

We loved the process

Great experience