Global Storytellers – The Podcast

In samenwerking met Grew Bear Media en Podcast host en expert van het eerste uur Jonathan Groubert, produceren we de storypodcast voor Global Storytellers. Inspirerende verhalenvertellers vanuit verschillende delen van de wereld en met ieder een eigen verhaal, delen hun verhaal.

Wat Global Storytellers zegt over de podcast:

“This story podcast is here to move people, but also to make you laugh. From everyday stories to special encounters. Through Global Storytellers The Podcast, you will discover that despite the differences between us (that we treasure and value), we share a common humanity. The stories will be about our triumphs and tragedies. Our failures and successes. Our joys and sadness. In short, all the things we share, and make life worth living.”

De podcast is terug te vinden op Spotify en bijna alle andere gangbare podcast platforms.