In 2005 Barbara van den Bogaard and Gerbert Toes started their own production company called Uma Visual Storytellers. Uma worked for commissioners like Volkskrant, Sharepeople, Codarts Rotterdam within the lectureship of choreograph Jiri Kylian, Climate-KIC, Dr Oetker, Ministry for Safety and Justice, Heijmans, Motion 10, Pleegzorg Nederland, BredaPhoto and we made a series of interviews with amongst others Martijn Aslander and Yuri van Geest.

“Luck happens when opportunity encounters the prepared mind.”

Between 2012 and 2015 we produced The Kitchen Table Series for  [About Freedom]. We made 15 films on the topic of freedom with filmmakers in 12 different countries around the world.

In 2016 Uma celebrated her 11th birthday and we broadened our horizon even more with the creation of The Global Storytellers  and the production of our first global story “The Global Story of Water”. We focus on strategic and sustainable storytelling by making stories with people and organisations that add to the world because of whom they are and what they do.

Barbara van den Bogaard (linkedin profile)

Barbara is a Dutch filmmaker, interviewer and storyteller. She studied Dramaturgy at the University of Utrecht in the specialisation Film and Television Science.

“I find it important to contribute to the world with Uma by emphasising the exchange of stories within society. Where I can, I create awareness on the global scope of stories in today’s globalized world and the own reference we all have towards the stories around us. By doing this I wish for both myself and for the people and organisations I meet, to become more open and curious towards the stories of others. I find curiosity key in creating stories and enjoying life and that is why this attitude is central to the way we work.”

Gerbert Toes (linkedin profile)

Gerbert is a Dutch filmmaker, a visual storyteller. He studied commercial economics and marketing at University Of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam.

“From a young age I was interested in making stories. Especially the visual part of storytelling is what interests me the most. Hands on making visual stories in whatever form that may be. Telling genuine stories is what I am looking for. And I always strive to achieve that in our productions. And there is always room for a bit of fun too”