We believe in stories that have meaning and purpose

We want to tell you a little story.
A story about a dream, two chairs, the sea and a little boy. There was a woman that just became a mother. She had a little boy and one night she had a dream. It was one of these decisive moments in life. One of these moments that you are more alert to notice changeā€¦

The dream showed just one image of two chairs standing strong in the surf of the sea. A young boy was running up and down the beach, being happy.

When the woman woke up that morning she told her man about the image she had seen and right then and there they decided to grab two chairs and their son and drive to the sea. They wanted to capture that image in real live because they realised that the dream was a signal that told them to follow their dreams and make them real.

They started their own company. Because why else were there two chairs in that surf? They decided they wanted to tell stories because telling stories is what makes the world go round and round. Their determination and curiosity helped them to develop and grow their stories and tell them in an honest and creative way. The company is called UMA, which means water in an old Indian Language. And the people that work at UMA tell stories about what people and companies are about.

This is our story, what is yours?

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